Naturally reared venison from Holme Farm

Once upon a time, venison was the preserve of the privileged few, but thanks to Yorkshireman Nigel Sampson and his wife Miranda it can be enjoyed all year round at Booths.

Nigel’s career first started when he was managing an estate on the Isle of Jura in Scotland which was where his love for wild deer first began. Inspired by his interest in animals it wasn’t long until Nigel returned to Yorkshire where he set up two deer farms, one at home and another on Sledmere Estate.

Over twenty years later, Nigel continues to raise deer and is extremely proud of the award-winning venison that comes from Holme Farm. “It’s incredibly important to me that the animals are reared naturally and we pride ourselves on high quality farmed venison.”

“I look after a herd of roughly 2,000 native red deer and the animals run free, foraging for berries, nuts and fruits. It’s this that gives the meat such a distinct, rich, gamey flavour” says Nigel.

Nigel also sources our wild boar haunch joints “We have it at New Year when we’re looking for something special. I always serve mine with a rich apple sauce.”

Nigel Sampson from Holme FarmNigel Sampson from Holme Farm