The Booths Christmas Book

The Booths Christmas book is a celebration of the best festive food and drink, providing inspiration for families across the North West.

Our customers eagerly await its launch and return each year, for them, it marks the official start of Christmas, more so than the arrival of a branded red truck or an excitable dragon called Edgar.

Our first Booths Christmas book was produced in 1937; titled “Good Things for Christmas - Your Quest for Quality is Ended”. The introduction includes a sentence which means as much now as it did back then “we feel that you will be pleasantly surprised when you realise how reasonable in price quality food can be.”

To this today we continue the time-honoured tradition of creating a hard back book, a keepsake of sumptuous food and family recipes. We love that our customers spend their time reading the book from front to back, being seduced by the beautiful photography that evokes emotions of happy Christmas memories with family, and loved ones from years past and of those soon to come. Something that can be taken off the shelf, dusted down and perused each year. A testament to the time and effort we put in to make your Christmas’s extra special.

The Christmas book takes us an entire year to curate and prepare, from selecting and tasting samples (a highly coveted position) to the design and creation of our award winning book. Each year we listen to feedback from you our customers so that know two books are the same. We want the book to be aspirational but also fun, homely and most importantly affordable and relatable.

It showcases the Best of Booths products and features some of our local and most trusted suppliers. As always there are lots of Turkey options as well as alternative centrepieces such as three bird roasts, venison, mutton and wild boar. We’ve also included vegetarian and seafood options for none meat eaters. Quite simply there is something for everyone.

We like to think it’s one of the North’s best kept secrets! Pick up the latest edition from any Booths store from October.


The Christmas Book 2019

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