Carefully crafted beer from Hawkshead Brewery

Based in the heart of the Lake District, beside the River Kent in Staveley, you’ll find a craft brewery creating a legacy in Cumbria.

Inspired by the craft beer revolution, Hawkshead Brewery quickly became home to an eclectic range of bold, innovative beers, ales, stouts and sours. Passionate about creating a drink that’s distinctive, full of flavour, handmade and perfectly crafted, it comes as no surprise that it soon made its way onto the shelves at Booths.

Head Brewer Matt Clarke, who started his career as a cask washer back in 2006, has since guided innovation and continues to push the boundaries of brewing and has developed the range of unique, exciting flavours that we’ve grown to love here at Booths.

Since 2002, Hawkshead Brewery has pioneered modern, innovative beers and source their hops from unique locations around the world. Constantly learning and improving is one of the many things that make Hawkshead Brewery so unique, and the craft beers at Booths so spectacular.