Lancashire Cheese from Dewlay

Located on the outskirts of the old market town of Garstang, you’ll find Dewlay Cheesemakers, a third-generation family business built on the premise of hard work and dedication. Booths have been working with Dewlay for well over twenty years and the relationship we’ve built with them is a special one.

Known for producing the very best Lancashire cheese, Dewlay was founded by keen dairyman George Kenyon in 1957 and was later joined by his son Neil and together they have built a reputation for producing the very best cheese around. Cheesemaking has a rich heritage in Lancashire due to its lush, green pastures and farming lands.

George derived the name Dewlay from the French word ‘Du Lait’, which means ‘of the milk’. However, because George was born and bred in Wigan with a broad Lancashire accent, he pronounced the word Dew-Lay, and it stuck.

Carrying on in their father’s footsteps, Dewlay is now run by brothers Nick and Richard Kenyon, and staying true to George’s ambition they work hard to produce a cheese made solely in Lancashire. Production is powered by a wind turbine nestled inside the eight acres of land where Dewlay lies.

The team at Dewlay work hard to ensure that the cheese counter at your nearest Booths store is piled high with the tastiest selection of cheese. From Tasty Lancashire, Creamy Lancashire to Garstang Blue, we work closely with Dewlay to bring you the very best cheese the county has to offer.