Sausage rolls to savour from Cinderhill Farm

On the edge of the Forest of Dean, in a fold in the hill, high above the River Wye and at the foot of an ancient castle, you will find Cinderhill Farm. Neil and Deborah Flint bought the farmhouse in 2011 after their children left for university. With Deborah's 26 years in development work and Neil's lifetime career in IT they were able to apply their skills to bring the farm back to life.

Deborah began baking using cooking skills passed down from her mother - a Cordon Bleu trained cook and national cookery writer. The shared passion of Neil and Deborah was to develop a product range that would reflect and protect the richness of the place where they live and work, through the handmade food and goods they grow and prepare on the farm.

Christmas at Cinderhill Farm emphasises the values of locally sourced, quality food being shared with the extended family and a marriage of traditions old and new.

Managing Director, Deborah says their last Christmas dinner comprised "a cooperatively-cooked family lunch of sous vide local mallard and guinea fowl, a mountain of vegetables, a superb gravy made from meat stock and port, a lentil stuffing, a non-traditional Christmas pudding - but lit with brandy - and Dutch cheeses to top it all off. We often take a walk after lunch and spend the evening playing hotly contested board games!"