My Fish Company Ltd

My Fish Company sources the finest quality seafood from coastal suppliers in the UK and only the best imported products from around the world.

In 2015, with over 25 years’ experience in the industry Gary App's began his new business venture – My Fish Company Ltd. The aim was to establish a seafood wholesale business where quality really matters. This means a high degree of preparation is carried out onsite by a team of highly skilled staff.

Suppliers are carefully selected and must provide a consistently superior quality product and service.

Having their own Smokehouse at their premises in Fleetwood means the fish is freshly smoked on the premises under the watchful eye of the My Fish Company Master Smokers. The fish is cold smoked in a Kiln, which means the fish is not actually cooked, but is instead exposed to smoke using a mix of damp Beech and Oak Wood sawdust. This turns the white fish a cream to beige colour and gives it a delicate smoky yet slightly salty flavour and a beautifully tender texture.

My Fish Company is continuously expanding their supplier network, to include direct contact with skippers and boats to further enhance their ability to source only the freshest caught fish. They also offer a range of deli products to compliment any dish.

Being Salsa Accredited, demonstrates that they operate to standards that are recognised and accepted across the industry and exceed the minimum standards expected by enforcement authorities.