Liven up your leftovers with Rafi's Spice Box

Built on the promise of introducing everyone to the fascinating world of spices and Indian cookery, Rafi’s Spicebox was established in 1989.

The business is owned by Kevin and Lee Fernandez, two brothers with a passion for discovering great tasting food and sharing their culinary knowledge with the world.

Their flair for delicious food is inherited from their mother, Rafi Fernandez, who started the business when she opened the first shop selling handmade curry packs in Sudbury.

Kevin Fernandez, director of Rafi’s Spicebox, said “To this day, we are trying to reinvent Indian food, introducing new ways of thinking and inspiring you to cook delicious, healthy Indian food at home.”

Sure enough, Rafi’s iconic purple brand and vibrant family recipes have been replacing the usual Indian takeaway in their customers’ weekly menu, as they continue on their mission to change people’s perception of Indian food.