Quinta de la Rosa

Located on the river Douro in the heart of the port growing country in northern Portugal lies the Quinta de la Rosa estate. Owned by the Bergqvist family who have been making port since 1815. The renowned estate was gifted to Sophia’s grandmother Claire Feuerheerd as a christening present. The family port shipping company, Feuerheerd Bros was sold to the Barros family in the 1930’s but thankfully the land at La Rosa remained in the family hands.

Claire’s son Tim started making port with Sophia in 1988 under the Quinta de la Rosa name. We’re delighted to have been their first UK customer and a longstanding supporter. Then in 2019 Sophia’s son Kit joined the business, making him the seventh generation.

Quinta de la Rosa has developed as an award winning port and wine producer selling to more than 35 countries globally. All of the vineyards are Class A quality (classified from A to F) and still foot tread most of their ports whilst always using the best of traditional and modern techniques. The company are known for their slightly drier styled ports with great freshness and minerality. They were one of the first port producers to start making and exporting Douro wine and have a reputation for making wines with great balance and finesse.

Sophia Bergqvist, owner of Quinta de la Rosa says, "we are very pleased to have had such a long and close partnership with Booths producing their 20 Year Tawny, Late Bottled Vintage and Finest Reserve ports as well, more recently, their Douro red. We were thrilled when we were asked to label some commemorative Vintage port for their 175th birthday."