Pete's perfect Christmas pint

Pete is Booths Beer and Spirits Buyer and has been part of the Booths team for 11 years. He says there’s never been a better time to drink beer thanks to the rise in craft beers, including some interesting local brews that he’s proud to support.

“I think customers over the years have become a little bit tired of the same old brands and the same old mass produced products. The craft movement allowed people to start making small amounts, really good quality, interesting, quirky products that people have just started to enjoy.”

Booths has over 150 craft beers in our range as well as 300 premium ales. “Suddenly, wine isn’t the be all and end all and beer isn’t just something for a guy to drink down the pub on a Friday and a Saturday,” he says. “Beer is something that everyone can appreciate, the whole new flavour profile of beers in the UK with the hoppiness and the different styles, means it’s accessible for all.”

While people might think of drinking wine with their Christmas dinner, Pete says there are great beers to pair with all kinds of foods. “There is a smoked porter that works nicely with game and charcuterie. It also works well with a creamy brie. Salmon works with some of the lighter styles of beer. For Christmas dinner itself, an IPA, India pale ale style beer works quite well because it’s quite a sound, robust beer.” Introducing new beers to the Booths range is one of the things Pete likes most about his job. But whether a new beer stays or goes isn’t up to him. “I always say that I don’t keep a product in our stores, our customers do. If they’re buying it and they’re enjoying it, we keep it there.”

So what’s in his glass this Christmas? “I think when it comes down to the style of beer, the type of beer, my beer changes on what my mood is, depending on what the weather is like.” At the end of the day it all comes down to personal choice. But no matter what the mood, the season or occasion, there is one thing Pete is sure about. “I think there is a beer for everybody,” he says. We’ll drink to that.

Pete Newton is on a mission: he’d like to see more people choosing beer as their tipple of choice this Christmas.

Pete Newton