It all started in 1970, in the small village of Broughton in Lancashire where Mrs Latham would make handmade cakes for her sister’s hotel in Clayton-le-Woods, Chorley. Word soon spread of her talents for producing delicious and indulgent desserts and biscuits and before long she was supplying several local businesses.

A lot has changed in the past 40 years, but Latham’s cakes still use the same age-old family recipes that we’ve all grown to love. “Latham’s is based on the fact that the ingredients are just like you’d use at home,” says her daughter Catherine, who works at Latham’s with her brother Richard, who now run the company. “We don’t use anything artificial. We still use the local farmers for the milk, the cream and the eggs. We still crack eggs by hand, which I don’t think many bakers do.”

The result is handmade in the best sense of the word - “Our cakes might not be perfect to look at. There might be a bit of buttercream coming out here or fresh cream oozing out there, but people can really see that it’s not come off the production line. They know that it’s been hand-made, and I think that’s the beauty of it.” To put it simply, Latham’s is the closest you can get to home baking without having to do the hard work yourself.

Now 90 years old, Mrs Latham still likes to ‘pop round’ the family run bakery, taking great pride in trying the new and exciting recipes created by the new generation. She knows all the staff by name and loves to stop and have a little chat.

Each year Latham’s are responsible for hand-crafting a selection of our very own Booths branded desserts. The range includes a tempting cheesecake selection and our ever-popular profiteroles. “Everybody knows profiteroles, but we actually make our choux pastry ourselves from scratch using all fresh ingredients. We fill each one with freshly whipped cream and make our own chocolate fudge icing to pour over. They fly out.” Catherine says Latham’s mission is to bake “something that you make room for even when you don’t have any.” She credits the staff, some of whom have worked at Latham’s for twenty years or more – with keeping the vision strong and maintaining the high standards set by Mrs Latham.

Mr and Mrs Latham from Lathams of BroughtonMr and Mrs Latham from Lathams of Broughton