Indulgent cakes and desserts from Lathams

It all started in 1970, in the small Lancashire village of Broughton where Mrs Latham would make cakes and desserts for her sister’s hotel in Clayton-le-Woods, Chorley. Using only the very best ingredients, it’s no surprise that word quickly spread of Mrs Latham’s talents, and she was soon supplying a number of businesses across Lancashire with high quality, indulgent, cakes, desserts and biscuits. Over 40 years on and Lathams still to this day use the same age-old recipes we’ve all grown to love, using ingredients sourced within Lancashire. They cook with cream and butter from the dairy in the next village and eggs are taken from the farm just 10 miles down the road.

Mrs Latham now 90 years old, still visits the family business when she can, taking great pride in trying the new and exciting recipes that the third-generation team work hard to create.

Renowned for still creating that quality, homemade taste you simply can’t find elsewhere, it's no suprise that Lathams are responsible for hand-crafting a selection of our very own Booths brand desserts.

Quite simply put, Lathams is the closest you can get to home baking without having to do the hard work yourself.

  1. Lathams Boozy Dessert Selection
    Lathams Boozy Dessert Selection

    Collect from 2nd Feb

  2. Lathams Mango & Passion Fruit Roulade
    Lathams Mango & Passion Fruit Roulade

    Collect from 2nd Feb