Gorgeous Cheesecakes

Gorgeous Cheesecakes are an independent, family run company based in Blackpool who have been creating delicious sweet treats since 2014. From humble beginnings in the home when mum Sharon began making cheesecakes for family and friends. The family decided to turn it into a full time passion with dad Matt as company director and daughter Matilda as Brand Ambassador. The family have a total of 7 members of the team and supply companies across the North with their delightful treats!

Matilda says "Our family all work within the food industry so it means Christmas is our busiest time of year. When we spend time together at Christmas we really treasure it and it makes it all the more special, especially after the crazy lead up to the big day!

On Christmas day we can finally relax and spend time with all of our family together and every year we pile into my Nana's house. She beautifully and extravagantly decorates the house and whilst we wait for our dinner to cook, we wander around the house with a glass of bubbly.

She kindly makes us a wonderful Christmas feast with more than enough food to fill our bellies but there's always room for dessert, whether it's one of our Gorgeous Christmas cheesecakes or a classic Christmas pudding."