Tanoj Shah has always had a passion for cooking. Since being at university, he would cook tasty, authentic, heritage dishes for his friends which unbeknown to him at the time would soon become a key inspiration in founding Gazebo Fine Foods.

Struggling to find a suitable job after graduating, Tanoj began to explore other opportunities available to him and found a government funded scheme encouraging entrepreneurship. With nothing to lose, Tanoj entered and it wasn’t long before his business idea came to life.

Starting out from his kitchen table, Tanoj began supplying his range of products to high end wine bars, cafes and shops in London. Growing steadily, the business quickly moved to a small production unit where he was then approached about creating traditional Indian and Oriental snacks and Gazebo has flourished ever since.

Now employing over 100 people, Gazebo are known for innovation and quality. Many of the products Gazebo produce for Booths are still handmade with recipes developed by his sister Susmita and chefs Waseem and Devang.

Dedicated to exploring flavours from around the world using chef inspired recipes, Gazebo also produce some of our Booths party food range - without them, your favourite festive canapés just wouldn’t be the same.