A glass of something special from Collovray & Terrier

Childhood friends Christian Collovray and Jean-Luc Terrier’s bond strengthened when they married two sisters, Brigitte and Florence. This, and their shared love for the world of wine led to the birth of their wine making domain. With wine making flowing through the generations of their families and born and raised in Burgundy, the renowned wine region in France, it comes as no surprise that the duo would go on to impress the world’s critics and consumers with their exemplary selection of wines.

Having developed an impressive array of vineyards throughout Burgundy and Limoux Christian looks after the vineyards, while Jean-Luc is in charge of vinification. Even Christian’s elderly parents Henry and Simone are integral to the team, and can be found tending the vines throughout the year.

Better known at Booths as the creators of our much-loved White Burgundy, there’s no doubt that Christian Collovray and Jean-Luc Terrier are amongst the elite when it comes to Burgundy-born wines.