Bleiker's Smokehouse

The Bleiker’s family smokehouse is home to the finest hand-cured smoked fish in the country, tended over smouldering fires in the heart of the tranquil Yorkshire Dales.

Founder Jürg Bleiker grew up and trained in Switzerland as a chef for the prestigious Hotel Richemont on the banks of Lake Geneva, before coming to England in 1965 where he met his wife Jane. Together they ran the renowned ‘Old Deanery’ in the market town of Ripon for two decades in the 70’s and 80s, a stunning grade II listed hotel and restaurant.

As a child Jürg loved smoked fish and often recounts of the fond memories he has of his parents making salted smoked pork for the cold winter months by placing meat up the chimney.

Inspired and frustrated by the lack of quality smoked produce, Jürg started smoking his own fish and meat in a small hand-made kiln at the back of his house. The restaurant soon developed an outstanding reputation with customers and locals alike for the best smoked salmon they’d ever tasted. Encouraged by positive comments, Jürg embarked on plan to both produce and sell his award-winning smoked fish on a much larger scale. The rest, they say is history.

Beiker’s provenance and quality is second to none. 25 years on, and now in the second generation, the family run smokehouse prides itself on authentically curing and smoking the finest quality fresh produce, free from artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives wherever possible. They’ve won countless awards from the Guild of Fine Food Retailers and supply some of the top celebrity chefs and restaurants in the UK.

Bleiker’s have been supplying Booths with unique and innovatively flavoured and exquisite smoked salmon for many years. All Bleiker’s fish is sourced from the Highlands and Isles of Scotland, before being brought to their hot and cold smokehouses in Leaming Bar, North Yorkshire. This is where they’re hand salted, dry cure washed and dried for up to 18 hours. Jürg and son-in-law Charlie, who now run the business, describe Bleiker’s as “home to the finest Scottish smoked salmon” anywhere, and we wholeheartedly agree.

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