“The pioneer of multi-bird roasts”

Rod Adlington is a specialist in offering truly outstanding quality turkey and poultry all year round with incredible flavour and succulence, perfect for the Sunday roast and Christmas dinner.

After finishing university and moving away, Rod returned home one Christmas to help his dad on the family turkey farm, and it’s been his passion ever since. He’s devoted to sourcing the best food and bedding from local producers and his attention to detail is exemplary.

“They’re fed on whole oats and apples which is what gives the meat its unique texture and flavour”. “When inside, the birds settle on fresh bedding sourced from the neighbouring farm and we build straw bale structures for them to play in. Believe it or not, their favourite thing to play with are CDs”. “We hang them up with string, along with sprout tops and the birds love to peck at them.” says Rod.

“Our birds are all free range and with the help of my wife and daughter, we put them away each evening - which is sometimes easier said than done!”. “Turkeys are such inquisitive creatures and we try to farm them as naturally as possible - after all, a happy turkey is a tasty turkey” says Rod.