Our Suppliers

At Booths, we’ve developed a reputation for sourcing the best available food and drink from unique and local suppliers, irrespective of size. It’s our suppliers who make us what we are. The fishermen who bring in the fresh catch; the farmers who make our cheese and pick our fruit and vegetables; the bakers who get up in the dark to lovingly bake our fresh bread to be delivered to store each day. They’re the roots of our business, and they always have been. Supporting our community is what we do. We love bringing you the best food and drink in town. Whether it’s a fairly new producer or Mrs Kirkham in Lancashire who’s been providing us with her wonderful Lancashire cheese for years or Bell’s of Lazonby in Cumbria who we’ve worked closely with for over 30 years. They’re all part of the Booths family. We’re proud to have helped to champion forgotten local specialities, like Formby asparagus, Herdwick lamb and Morecambe Bay shrimps. And for us, the relationship works both ways. We know that farmers have good years and bad ones, we look after them in lean periods, because we know they’ll stick with us when things are going well. You can’t build that connection quickly: it takes years. Fortunately, we’ve been working on it for nigh on two centuries. We are very proud of the relationships we've built - it's one that’s built on support, trust, integrity and unwavering commitment to quality.